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Allergy Medication

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Joy Hix Care+ Pharmacy ensures that you’ll find the most effective allergy medication to help you prevent or diminish your allergies. We’re also proud to say that our pharmacy provides a diverse selection of medication for all your health care needs. If you have a cold, rest assured we’ll have something to help you combat it.

If you’re shopping on a budget, but still want to get something effective, then you can find affordable and excellent medicine in our over the counter medication selection. Our generic medication is of great quality and can help you with your flu, without you spending much money.

From a shingle shot to an affordable acne treatment, Joy Hix Care+ Pharmacy at Westland, MI has you covered. If you have any questions on our health care services, medication or other products, visit our retail pharmacy at Westland, MI. Joy Hix Care+ Pharmacy is here to help you with anything you need!